The Wounds of Garrick Snow.

One of the defining features of Garrick is how resilient he is and how covered in scars he is. In addition to hundreds of minor wounds Garrick Snow has taken seven blows from seven of the greatest warriors currently in the Seven kingdoms. The wounds are a big part of Garricks make up as they very much define his past, and thinking about these wounds allowed me to think a bit more about how Garrick became the person that he is.

Wound : 1

Location : A star shaped wound in left hand side, with badly healed ribs.

Taken From: Rheagar Targaryen

Story: Taken during the battle of the Trident when he threw himself in front of a blow to protect Robert Baratheon. The Wound was severe and lead directly to Robert offerring what he thought was a dying youth his greatest wish as Garrick was not expected to survive. Garrick chose to ask for his Legitimacy, and Robert agreed thinking that he would not survive. Everyone was very surprised when he did however. As yet Robert has failed to follow through with his promise however, badly affecting the situation of the house.

Wound : 2

Location : A wide scar on the front right hand side of the neck just to the right of the wind pipe, a small wound on the back of the neck.

Taken From: Barristan Selmy

Story: In the first Joust Garrick took part in the southern nobles were affronted by the idea of jousting against a bastard. They rigged the draw to ensure Barristan Selmy would Joust Garrick first. Garrick’s lance went wide, but he did manage to catch Selmy’s lance on the shield. It however shattered and a splinter went through his throat, miraculously missing his windpipe, arteries, and spine, although his recuperation was very long. Barristan Selmy withdrew from the tournament to sit with the injured youth.

Wound : 3

Location : A HUGE scar taking a chunk out of the left hand side of his chin, dropping across his throat, passing clear across his chest below the right nipple and ending just before it reaches the other side.

Taken From: The Mountain

Story: Taken during a Grand Melee when he and the Mountain were the last two fighters. Garrick began to fight defensively, hoping to wear out the Mountain who was fast becoming frustrated. Eventually the Mountain lost his temper and smashed Garrick with an overhand blow chopping a chunk from his jaw and opening up his entire chest. This is the closest Garrick has come to death and it took almost six months for him to recover.

Wound : 4

Location : A thick scar in Right hand side like a chop 2″ deep (which is exactly what it was)

Taken From: Balon Greyjoy

Story: Taken during the Assault on Pyke, Garrick as the scion of House Grimwoode sought out the king of the Iron Isles during the battle and attempted to kill him. Greyjoy was able to land a telling blow with a Valaryian sword, which passed through Garrick’s armour with ease. However if Balon Greyjoy had expected it to take his enemy out of the fight he was disappointed as Garrick punched him in the face, breaking his nose, and gaining enough space to break off from the fight. Garrick was left behind as the battle proceeded but quickly recovered from his wound.

Wound : 5

Location : A sword wound clear through the right leg,
slightly twisted at the top and bottom.

Taken From: The Hound

Story: Taken during a grand melee during a tournament. The fight had gone on for a very long time with few people able to make headway. The Mountain having been disqualified earlier in the tournament for unbecoming actions, it looked like any one could take the purse. Garrick was still in the running when he and the Hound ended up facing each other. The fight was not a pretty one, the Hound managed to disarm Garrick but was not expecting for Garrick to first head-butt him in the face (breaking his nose) and then draw a mace from his belt. Unfortunately for Garrick the Hound was not used to people being able to strike him, and the blow angered him. In a rage he plunged his sword clean through Garrick’s leg and then twisted, breaking the bone and opening the wound. Before he passed out Garrick was able to land one more blow, breaking the sword off in his leg and preventing the Hound from removing it. The Maesters present claim that this saved his life.

Wound : 6

Location : A large burn/cut on the top of the right arm.

Taken From: Thoros of Myr

Story: Another Grand Melee saw Garrick fighting Thoros of Myr. The fight lasted a good ten minutes or so with Garrick unable to land a telling blow, and Thoros striking away like a madman with his flaming sword. Eventually both men were exhausted and began to make mistakes. Thoros managed to swipe his sword across the top of Garrick’s arm, leaving the scar, at the same time that Garrick smashed him in the jaw with his mace. They both fell down utterly exhausted and out of the fight. Once they recovered they proceeded to the nearest tavern, where they stayed for the next two days drinking.

Wound : 7
Location : A long scar along the inside of the left arm going from top of arm at the wrist end to the bottom of the arm at the elbow end, not deep.

Taken From: Ser Loras Tyrell

Story: Taken during a knockout competition. Again the nobles did not take kindly to a bastard entering, no matter what his abilities. They were not expecting for him to beat their first attempt Ser Boros Blount, and so they arranged for him to face Ser Loras in the second round. Ser Loras however treated Garrick as honorably as he would any other opponent. It was however always obvious that Tyrell would win, being as he was one of the greatest swordsmen of the age. He managed to open up Garrick’s defense and with the tip of his sword opened up the inside of his arm. The cut was not deep however and healed quickly.

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