Episode 177 – D&D5E – Return Of The White Death – The Rats of Stagheyn – Session 4

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We are actually all away this weekend as it is Mawdrigen and Mrs Mawdrigen’s Wedding!

Having just alerted everyone in Stagheyn that they have arrived the Adventurers decide to close the stable door after they have burned the stable down and stealth into the city.

As you might imagine this does not go well especially with an intransigent Draught Oxen called Tim!

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Episode 176 – D&D5E – Return Of The White Death – The Rats of Stagheyn – Session 3

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We got a comment from Lovely Tea Teas! Find them Here

The Adventurers having driven off the Land Shark (renamed the Land Whale by the somewhat flatter Bard) and seeing the Castle of Stagheyn in the distance they take a rest and then plan their attack.

The also get to the bottom of the question, where is the Stag River? It turns out someone has dammed it and flooded the farmland outside the town walls, exactly what you need with a Waterborne disease surely…

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Episode 175 – CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – Bread Or Stone – Session 6

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The bodies are starting to mount up, Dr Moric, the Journalist, and the Journalist’s lover have all been found dead and the Investigators have begun tracking down the last few clues. They have found Dr Moric’s journal, several books detailing various things including the Mims-Sahis, last heard of when they read of the end of Sedefkar at the hands of the crusaders when he lost the dagger to Andres De La Trois.

They have also seen Dr Belenzada and via subterfuge have found out about his secret laboratory out in the woods. Not willing to wait until they have their morning breakfast meeting with the good Doctor they set off to take a look.

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Episode 174 – D&D5E – Return Of The White Death – The Rats of Stagheyn – Session 2

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Faced with the return of the White Death the characters begin to procure the items they need for the mission, but also take the time to visit the Temple of Vielle and receive a rather cryptic blessing.

Then it’s off to Granny Hylanax for the disease curing potions before finally setting off.

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Episode 173 – The American Files – A Talky One – Mass Effect and Vampire 20

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CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect the original trilogy, and Andromeda.

Bloodied, Allegory, and Ghostlyn join forces to enact a Talky one from Deepest California where the temperature is so warm that even Cacti are giving up the ghost and wilting. Please note it is a little bit echoey, but quite good sound quality for being recorded on a phone! First they review some Iced Teas which are standard issue for survivng the Mojave Desert, especially when you have turned off the air con to get better sound.

Then they get onto gaming! Ghostlyn has recently completely the Mass Effect Series so they went through this and provided their feed back on the game series.

After this they look into World of Darkness 20!

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Politics!, Poop-Tea, Mass-Effect, Thumbs up doesn’t work on radio, anti-climatic endings annoy us, Dragon Age Origins Pacing issues, Mass effect relationship woes, Gay Male Krogan?, Permanent catatonia face, Biotic Space Cancer, Gamergate being dicks again, Giant books with bad spines, Toxic people, and New Newness!

Episode 172 – The American Files – Dresden Files – Kill the Chupacabra Tonight

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With Bloodied being over in the USA he took the time to run some Dresden files for Allegory and Ghostlyn! So join us now as a Shapeshifter who can turn into a Racoon and is beholden to the Morrigan, and a Shapeshifter who can turn into a dog and is beholden to… errr no one unless you check his Identity Chip engage in some shenanigans to save…

The Owlman of Cornwall!
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Episode 171 – End of the World – An Apocalypse in Yellow – Session 3

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Welcome back to a very British Apocalypse, as Archive and Hardwick try to escape to the town of Reading to the Promised land of Sonning. We of course get off to a typically on track start, getting very distracted by the weird Eldritch chanting of the Children outside (who were roaring and squeaking).

Once that is dealt with they begin trying to deal with the fact that Archive, as part of her sneaking past the Jolly Anglers Fishermen Pub, by accident instead fired her Fire Extinguisher in through the window.
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