Episode 160 – CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – Bread Or Stone – Session 1

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After a brief Champagne Breakfast they find themselves arriving in Vinkovinci by means of an anarchist (or comunist, or maybe croatian) bomb on the points the Investigators are immediately thrown into a dangerous situation. The Serbian Military Police think they are probably anarchists, or maybe Communists. Then they come to the aid of a damsel in distress with dangerous effect.

Also we plug the SideQuest Adventure Decks by Inkwell Ideas (available HERE) which have a few seeds written by Mawdrigen!

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Episode 159 – CoC7e – Chin-wag on the Orient Express

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As Mawdrigen had three hours of sleep, hadn’t read the next chapter, and had just realised we’d reached the halfway point and two and a half YEARS (gods these players are slow).

So we actually decided to do a bit of a retrospective on the first half of the campaign, including talking through the campaign that came directly before we started doing the Podcast “Blood of the Father”.

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Episode 158 – Dresden Files – London Falling – Flowers Through The Stone – Session 2

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We’re back in the Dresdenverse and this time we aren’t jumping all over the place! Well we are still jumping about, but that’s actually us not the recording. Having realised that the Cauldron of the Daghda was probably swiped from the dead Antiques Dealer by someone who could travel through the Nevernever.

So off we go to Dulwich village, where the more non-human of us immediately choose the most non-human methods to investigate.

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Episode 157 – CoC7e– Horror on The Orient Express – In a City of Bells and Towers – Session 2

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*tongue trauma warning*

Trapped in what they assume is Dream Zagreb they continue pursuing the “Skull Stroking Weirdo” in the hope of learning what he knows about the Sedefkar Simulacrum.

In a weird city.

A very very weird city, but they might get some help at least!

Join us now as they wander through the confused, wild, and terrifying City of Bells and Towers

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Hi there guys!

Just a bit of information for you all, I’ve recently been doing some writing for a project which has now gone live! So I thought I’d let you know so if you fancied taking a look you could.

The project in question is a set of Adventure Seed card decks (available Here) for when your inspiration has run a little dry, or even if your players take a hard left rather than engage with the adventure hooks you have placed for them! These cards contain an adventure premise, a couple of ways to get the players involved, a few encounter ideas and even a couple of ways you can extend the adventure out into a longer narrative.

So if you want a stack of quick adventure ideas give them a look, you may even end up playing one of the ones I wrote!

Episode 156b – Dresden Files – London Falling – Flowers Through The Stone – Session 1 (well what’s left of it)

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Here is the episode! Please note it jumps about a lot at the beginning.

Listen as we in small distinct chunks find out the Tuatha want us to do stuff. Allegory wows us with innuendo about his sweet creamy drink (it’s Bigelow and creamy…). We drink Indian tea mixed in Cornwall.
Then Mark goes to talk to a Warden and then the adventure begins! In Chunks! Jumpy Chunks!
From the point that we get to Kew Gardens however the episode is intact.

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Episode 156a – Dresden Files – London Falling – Flowers Through The Stone – Session RECAP

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So for the first time in several years of us podcasting we had an Audacity fail, and it decided to shove just over 1/3 of episode 156 down the memory hole and lose it forever. While I attempted to get it back I was unsuccessful although the second half of the episode is actually fully intact. Instead I’m going to put up the slightly jumpy 156b up and here in 156a I and Bloodied go through and tell you what actually happened.

If you want to listen to what we have (unintentional comedy intact) please do, for those who don’t want to please skip episode 156b.

Download the File

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