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CoC7e – Changeling – Trailing Ivy – Session 1

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Episode 192
Happy New Year!

First Archive has a bit of a kerfuffle at the enormity of having to deal with our spanky new sound block! Which we continue to fiddle with as we persue el nuevo sonido

This time in Changeling the Lost we are shaking it up a little, as this time we will be playing members of the Master of the Houses retinue in Lovely Arcadia. Follow as Bell the Mirrorskin Butler, Alyosia the Deer Doctor (dear?), Kotic the Watchcat, Disposal the… well the label is right there on the tin, and Suturis the dressmakers dummy go on adventures that they are frankly not equipped to deal with.

What could go wrong, oh yes we could need to eat food.

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