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The American Files – The Fallout Series (ITS SPOILERIFFIC!)

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Episode 284

A few sound issues due to… err… tables?

Bloodied headed over to America and while he was there, he, Allegory, and Ghostlyn and they discussed (with heavy spoilers) the entire Fallout Series!

This is a long old episode!

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Transatlantic Talky Episode – Three Guys Talk at length about things (including Cookies, tea, and final fantasy)

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Episode 213
Firstly the American team (and Bloodied!) engage in some interesting Maple Heavy tea with a bit of ginger.

Smores, are discussed. As are other girl scout cookies, along with the problems of cookie inflation! Cookies are Dunked, and rated!

Join us as Bloodied, Ghostlyn, and Allegory talk about Final Fantasy, the Importance of Games shops, and indeed all things gaming! So if you ever wanted to know all there is to know about the Final fantasy series stay tuned!

There are a few sound issues with this episode due to recording on a phone and not the giant monolith of doom!

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The American Files – A Talky One – Mass Effect and Vampire 20

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Episode 173

CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect the original trilogy, and Andromeda.

Bloodied, Allegory, and Ghostlyn join forces to enact a Talky one from Deepest California where the temperature is so warm that even Cacti are giving up the ghost and wilting. Please note it is a little bit echoey, but quite good sound quality for being recorded on a phone! First they review some Iced Teas which are standard issue for survivng the Mojave Desert, especially when you have turned off the air con to get better sound.

Then they get onto gaming! Ghostlyn has recently completely the Mass Effect Series so they went through this and provided their feed back on the game series.

After this they look into World of Darkness 20!

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Politics!, Poop-Tea, Mass-Effect, Thumbs up doesn’t work on radio, anti-climatic endings annoy us, Dragon Age Origins Pacing issues, Mass effect relationship woes, Gay Male Krogan?, Permanent catatonia face, Biotic Space Cancer, Gamergate being dicks again, Giant books with bad spines, Toxic people, and New Newness!

A Talky One – The Terrible Loss and board game roundup

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Episode 138

Well it’s finally happened as we have finally done another Talky One! In this episode we lament the loss of the FFG/GW partnership and discuss the terrible havoc this will wreak on some of our favourite games, which may disappear entirely in the near future (possibly even pulped :(). We briefly discuss the fact that Tabletop (Wil Wheaton’s excellent tabletop gaming show) is not really out until 2017.

We then move on to talking about games we have recently played, with Archive telling us about Scythe, a game she didn’t really understand but thoroughly enjoyed! We go on to discuss Cthulhu Wars and the storage problems that Onslaught Three poses. We go on to other games including Epic Spell Wars, Smashup, and other games we have recently played or have expansions.

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