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Star Trek – Rescue at Xerxes IV – Session 2

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Episode 401

We are Playing another @Modiphius game again with Star Trek Adventures.

Having found themselves on a planet with devolved members of the Science team they came to save, the officers of the Runabout need to work out what equipment they can cannibalize from the science station to repair the Runabout.

But can they save the science team?

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Alien – Oneshot – Chariot of the Gods – Session 1

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Episode 396

In deep space the crew of the USCSS Montero find themselves woken from cryosleep and given a new task, one that they neither asked for or want.

Salvage the USCSS Chronos, a ship that has been missing for nearly 75 years.

Why is it missing, why is it so important, and why did the crew go to such lengths to stop people getting inside?
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