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Way of the Paladin Part 3: Ahh Level Ten, Oh actually level 11…

Posted in Actual Play, The Witterings of Mawdrigen with tags on 19 August 2014 by Mawdrigen

This week I have been mostly trying to get my main class (Black Mage) geared up for Coil. This involves me running a lot of the Expert Roulettes and farming what I have titled “The Lost City of Haliflox” (a contraction of Lost City of Amdapor, Halitali Hard Mode, and Brayflox Longstop Hard mode). For a DPS having as high an Item Level as you can achieve is somewhat important, especially as it means that you may survive a bit longer when giant dragons, snakes, and fireballs land on you.

As such my levelling for my gladiator slowed down a bit. While waiting for the roulette to pop up I did a few Leves, and remembered to go back and finish up my level 5 Class quest. Typically however the roulette only seems to pop when I can’t change back to my black mage class by swapping my clothing, and as a DPS class its usually a 20 minute wait each time so that’s very frustrating.

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Way of the Paladin Part 2: Shhhh I’m hunting Antlings (and Efts, and Spriggans, and …)

Posted in Actual Play, The Witterings of Mawdrigen with tags , on 26 May 2014 by Mawdrigen

Right I know I said I’d try and level by doing Guildhests, but it turns out there was a teeny tiny problem with that. Guildhests don’t become available until level 10, so for this levelling between 5 and 10 I’ll have to leave them out.

Or leve them out if you will… Ha ha!

Oh wait, you don’t all play the game so that might not make sense.

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Way of the Paladin Part 1: Smacking marmots.

Posted in The Witterings of Mawdrigen with tags , , on 11 May 2014 by Mawdrigen

As I may have mentioned a couple of million times I am at the moment playing a large amount of Final Fantasy 14 recently. The game is one of the most polished MMO’s I’ve played, simply because they seem to have looked at every MMO that came before and taken the good parts from them. This includes a UI that actually covers most of the requirements that other games only have with add ins. For example aggro meters are already built in, as are sortable party lists as standard.

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