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D&D5E – Return Of The White Death – The Rats of Stagheyn – Session 3

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Episode 176

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The Adventurers having driven off the Land Shark (renamed the Land Whale by the somewhat flatter Bard) and seeing the Castle of Stagheyn in the distance they take a rest and then plan their attack.

The also get to the bottom of the question, where is the Stag River? It turns out someone has dammed it and flooded the farmland outside the town walls, exactly what you need with a Waterborne disease surely…

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D&D5E – Return of the White Death – The Rats of Stagheyn Session 1

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Episode 170

For the first time in the Podcast we dive into Dungeons and Dragons, and into the world of Kirion. A damaged world that fought of the influence of the Evil Gods long ago, and then when the Dragonkin returned from their magical exile it burned in the fires of their Bound Dragons. Their control of the Dragons was broken by the Frost Elves however and for the last 500 years the world has been in a new Age, the Sword Age.

Called to a meeting in the middle of the night by a Prince of the realm (Alden the ‘All Business’ Prince) Gilguin the Firbolg and Stone-Skims-Water the Tabaxi Paladin find themselves thrust into a dangerous situation involving a magical Disease up in the north of the Country of Barrowdale.

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