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Spire: The City Must Fall – Glamour Descending – Session 10

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Episode 347

CONTENT WARNING – Spire is a game about facing up to privilege and power, and doing what you can to pull it down. Given the current real world situation this might be a little on the nose for some people, and we are more than happy for you to skip this one until a calmer time if you feel its too much right now.

Firstly we received some Tea from the rather excellent people at Wayward Masquerade makers of the equally excellent Dragon Bagon’s and Bagthulhu’s. Give them a look if you need a good Dice Bag!

They have to gotten Down-Spire, but there is now a new problem. The Red Armoured Assassin has now found them and seems intent on making Dundarron Hendry ass dead as possible. Can the Ministries Eyes keep him alive.
Dragon Bagon
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CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – Blue Train Black Night – Session 5

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Episode 238
The Investigators are still on their trip back to London, but somewhere on the train Mehmet Makryat is still trying to have them killed. They seem to be no closer to working out who he is currently disguised as, and the corruption is still continuing. Worse, as they pass through Europe they are passing close to enemies they previously escaped.

Can they survive.

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