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Alien – Oneshot – Chariot of the Gods – Session 5

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TRIGGER WARNING SEVERE EYE TRAUMA please do not listen to the second half of the episode if eye trauma and severe body horror is not your thing.

Episode 404

A terrifying session of Alien from @freeLeaguePub and @modiphius!
The Crew of the Montero continue to try and deal with the situation they have walked into on the Chronos. With the crew awake, but not really operational they need to get them working fast, and they still need to fix the air and get the reactor going. What was that thing that killed Cham? Worse, is one of the awakened crew hiding a terrible secret?

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Paleomythic – The Tribe of Bear Claw Cave – Food For All The Family – Session 1

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Episode 359

The Tribe of Bear Claw Cave may be incredibly magical, but they are also very very hungry rats having eaten most of their winter stores. Someone has to go out into the biting cold to gather food, and that someone is obviously the players. Can they get enough food to keep everyone alive? Or will the elders be sacrificed so everyone else will live?

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Leaving For Valhalla by Alexander Nakarada

This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Hunting, potential elder sacrifice, killing animals, butchery, gathering, cave people, magic.