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Episode 242 – PBTA – Masks – Champion Cities Finest – Session 2

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The adolescent Heroes are back and they are trying to get the Gangsters out of the Bank. However it seems like it is a little more difficult than they expected and intra-team conflict causes hijinks and rash actions to occur.

Join us now as we continue with Masks.

After the game we even do a brief “talky” about the system, because we definitely seem to ba having some issues with it!

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Episode 241 – PBTA – Masks – Champion Cities Finest – Session 1

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NB We again had a few sound issues here, with Sheba being very quiet on the recording. I’ve tidied it up, and soon we go to our new Mic setup!

Here in Champion City we have always had Heroes, from the days of the Iron Age when Mr Furious was stomping around angrily, to the Golden Age when the first Glory appeared. Over the years however the heroes have changed, but one thing has stayed the same. There is always a new supervillian for them to face, and now Hoskull the Insane Ice Giant is collecting the motes of possibility, and if he gets them all we will be doomed. All the heroes are needed!

Which is great for these teenage superheroes… because it means despite blowing up the park, they might actually get to fight some crime!

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Episode 206 – Bluebeards Bride – Rags and Riches – Session 1

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Trigger Warning – Bluebeards Bride is in essence a game dealing with the traumas of womanhood in a Patriachical world, themes of abuse, violence against women, and horror abound.

Additional: We had two new Electronic people for this one (well one new to the podcast : Tulip and one new to being Electronic : Vonn) as such the sound is not quite as clean as I would have liked.

Joing us now as we follow the Bride, exploring the strange castle she now finds herself in command of. Who is her new husband Bluebeard, how has he amassed his riches, and why is the small cupboard at the end of the hall off limits?

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