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Special Episode – Eclecticon – Game Design Seminar

Posted in Podcasts, Second 100 with tags , , , , , , on 28 March 2016 by Mawdrigen

A Couple of Weekends ago I was lucky enough to wander down to Eclectic Games in Reading (Website) for their tenth birthday, and more importantly ECLECTICON!

At this convention there were many games, many demonstrations, and (from my point of view at least) the best part, the Eclectic Games Game Design Seminar with Guests of Honour James Wallis, Matt Leacock, Zev Shlasinger and Ignacy Trzewiczek.

So then if you have any interest in making games, or learning how games are made, listen now to these towering giants of the Games Industry as they share their secrets, tips, and methods.

I have put this up with very little editing at the moment, its my intent to go through and re-issue it once I have had chance to go through it in more detail!

Download the File

Many Thanks to Mr James Wallis for allowing us to use his recording of the Seminar, after our recording device decided instead to eat the recording! THANKS!!!
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This Podcast may contain the odd swear word and contains Massive amounts of good advice on how to create, design and publish your own games!