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Gangs of the Undercity

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We here at the Cult always love to draw attention to nifty looking projects, and if ‘cyberpunk fantasy gang fight wargame’ doesn’t sound nifty to you than I’m moderately confused as to why you are on this website. Currently entering its last week on Kickstarter, Gangs of the Undercity is a new IP tabletop wargame from the lovely people at Fragging Unicorn Games (full disclosure: the Cult’s own Allegory does freelance work for them), putting you in charge of either a pregenerated or custom built gang battling to survive and thrive in the crumbling undercity of Neo-Babylon. Think that sounds cool? Don’t just take my word for it, hope over to their Kickstarter page and look at the pitch video, as well as the preview pics of the beautifully sculpted models you’d be using. Go on, I’ll wait…

Looks cool, doesn’t it? Even cooler, the project funded on day one, so this is definitely going ahead, and stretch goals are adding all sorts of goodies for everyone, from new models and gangs, to a short story collection building on the setting (full disclosure again: Allegory has written one of the stories in the collection, and has a small roll in the Undercity audio drama that you can listen to here). Plus, with everything so far along, delivery is estimated for end of the year, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on those awesome models and snazzy terrain. We here at the Cult are certainly looking forward to getting to play this beauty, and you can bet we’ll give you our thoughts when we do. In the mean time, you’ve got until 5:59am BST Sunday 16th of August to make your pledge and secure your slot in the battle for undercity supremacy.

Cyberpunk 2020 – Theta Squad – Corporate Comfort – Session 3

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Episode 306

After a little more research the squad heads home to wait for their forensics results. However when they start to come in they are not pleased to see what they contain.

Who would commit such a crime… Continue reading

Cyberpunk 2020 – Theta Squad – Corporate Comfort – Session 2

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Episode 305

The squad has their crime scene, but they also have a bunch of Dirty Cops seemingly obsessed with getting into the same room and destroying any evidence that might be there.

Will Arquesa be enough to de-escalate the situation? Continue reading

Cyberpunk 2020 – Theta Squad – Corporate Comfort – Session 1

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Episode 304

While all of our games are tagged as explicit, this game will be dealing with the Seedy underbelly of the privileged and the sex workers who they frequent. Themes of violence against women and corruption will be prevalent, if these themes make you uncomfortable then please feel free to skip this game, we will no doubt be back with something lighter very soon.

In the dark streets of Night City the Police are overrun and underpaid, Corporate interests are always trying to get their claws into them. Sometimes it is better to choose the lesser evil, accept money as “charity” rather than run the risk of privatisation or replacement.

Into this crime stew steps the Theta Squad, with enemies everywhere who can they trust? Continue reading

Shadowrun – Defending the Realm – The Lights are going out in Southwark – Session 1

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Episode 76

The year is 2077 and the UK is now a flooded toxin filled wasteland where Megacorporations wage a shadowy war on each other for influence and profit using deniable assets called Shadowrunners. Life is dangerous as a Shadowrunner, you are as llikely to be killed by your own side to keep the budget low as you are to be killed undertaking what ever incredibly illegal activity you are undertaking for them.

Mr Johnson always lies, the AAA corporations always want to control you, and there will always be one less bullet in your gun than you want there to be. Continue reading