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Posted in Actual Play, Fourth 100, Podcasts with tags , , , , on 16 February 2020 by Mawdrigen

Episode 300

We made it people! We now have 300 Episodes (Plus a few specials) and so as is our custom, we all drank a great deal of alcohol and played a game.

In this case, Goatcrashers, a game where we take on the roles of Goats trying to get into a Human Party.

So this is how we ended up playing Goats trying to sneak into a human wedding party in a manor house, where something more than just a wedding is going on.

Thank you all for keeping up with us, here’s to 300 more episodes.

PS There seems to have been some problem with Archive’s mic, sadly I can’t isolate the hiss, without actually just removing Archive, which given she was running the game would be problematic!
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