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Bluebeards Bride – Rags and Riches – Session 1

Posted in Actual Play, Podcasts, Third 100 with tags , , , on 8 April 2018 by Mawdrigen

Episode 206
Trigger Warning – Bluebeards Bride is in essence a game dealing with the traumas of womanhood in a Patriachical world, themes of abuse, violence against women, and horror abound.

Additional: We had two new Electronic people for this one (well one new to the podcast : Tulip and one new to being Electronic : Vonn) as such the sound is not quite as clean as I would have liked.

Joing us now as we follow the Bride, exploring the strange castle she now finds herself in command of. Who is her new husband Bluebeard, how has he amassed his riches, and why is the small cupboard at the end of the hall off limits?

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