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Episode 234 – Cthulhu Dark – Darka Maza No Tatchi – Session 1

Posted in Actual Play, Podcasts, Third 100 with tags , , , on 21 October 2018 by Mawdrigen

As we were down an Archive we decided to run a little Cthulhu Dark this time, although we did have a slightly creaky chair issue as you will hear.

Follow us as we step into the 1890’s where Japan is on the cusp of becoming a great power as the Meiji restoration continues and the Army moves into Manchuria. However this is a particularly risky time for diplomacy so the last thing the Imperial Palace wants is for a demonstration of Sumo for the various ambassadors to result in an unusual incident.

Our unfortunate characters are tipped to “fix” the problem, or if not that, at least find someone to pin it on.

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