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Spirit of the Century Gangsters of Chicago.

Posted in The Witterings of Mawdrigen with tags , on 23 March 2013 by Mawdrigen

Tea of the Session: Spice Imperial very tasty and well needed as I was running on three hours of sleep.

Recording: We used the new setup to record it, but it was a bit of a random game so won’t be cast!

We only had three players for the usual Saturday game, so instead of my more usual Rogue Trader game, I decided to run a pure pick-up game of Spirit of the Century game. I’ve never run it before because I’ve never really gotten to the bottom of how it is supposed to work. However recently I’ve been listening to a number of Actual Play Podcasts of Fate games and it made me want to give it a go.

Please Note. If You are intending to potentially play in my SOTC game at the RPG Society I would suggest not reading this next post as it could well be Spoilerrific.

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