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The Dead Of Night – The Fatal Mysteries of Osiris

Posted in Actual Play, Podcasts, Second 100 with tags , , on 27 November 2016 by Mawdrigen

Episode 135

Playing a game which I first heard about on the Good Friends of Jackson Elias Podcast (HERE), called Dead Of Night we now step into what I believe is an entirely new genre; Ancient Egyptian Slasher Horror. Add to this we actually welcome a new member of the Cult!

With the Nile not rising in Nautecara the Pharoah has dispatched his daughter to the Temple of Osiris where every year the ritual of the Mysteries of Osiris is performed to ensure that the river does indeed rise, bringing with it the fertile soil needed to ensure everyone in the city does not starve to death.

All is not well however and as the Princess travels across the Nile in her barge, several other boats set off to the temple, boats filled with Irate people intent on taking their revenge on the priests and priestesses of the temple.

What is going on in the Temple, has the Elderly High Priest finally lost it? Why is the High Priestess of Isis so put out, and what has the Holy Eunuch got to hide?

Find out now!

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Ancient Egyptians, THE DUCK, Swearing, horror, danger, murder, eunuchs, the Ancient egyptian gods and their interesting sex lives, and Mawdrigen by accident assaulting Archive with a pile of games while pretending to be an earthquake!