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Dark Heresy – The Train to Nowhere – Session 2

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Episode 226
First off, we still had freezer blocks, I’ve tried to reduce the squelching.

The Inquisitorial team have captured one assailant but it seems that the attempted train hijacking must have had more people on the job. Can paperwork reveal what is going on, or possibly imtimidation with shotguns. Can the Agents get to the bottom of the mystery.

Also, why is that crate coughing?
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Dark Heresy – The Train to Nowhere – Session 1

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Episode 224
First off, we tried a different way of keeping cool when recording as we realised a fan would be way too loud. Sadly it turns out the Freezer blocks were very loud so there are a few crinkling plastic sounds and fluidic squelchings. I have tried to remove them as much as possible but some still remain as people were talking.

Onto the Game! Join us as we play Dark Heresy 1st Edition and we join our characters as they do that most mundane of things, catching a train. However this is the Dark Future of the Imperium so obviously heresy is lurking all around, but these people are servants of the Inquisition so if anything does raise its head they can shoot it off.

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Rogue Trader, the tales of Tallis Saro -The Engagement over Gravin

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Corvax Ascendent

Engineseer Prime – Luna M100168

Lancer Gunner

Battle report for the initial confrontation at Gravin – Forge world in the Seycelids.

A week after the Chaos Tech-Marine was taken down in the ships ‘lost barracks’, with an Ork Kommando on board and the Astropath Choir Master Omar behaving even more oddly than usual, (it’s great timing to have to confront the Dom’Varr Hilesh.)

Mission objective: to assess the Dom’Varr Hilesh presence around the planet Gravin and if possible take out any ships in the system – intelligence suggests one has been in dry dock for some time.

The Dom’varr Hilesh do not appreciate our interest in their trading monopoly, as our previous encounters with them have proved. We have however had some success, with victories on Bodom’s Loss, in halting their harvest of medical plants and having defeated two of their smaller trading ships.(what happened after those victories was an illogical waste of resources and life.)

Gravin is in perpetual civil war both fuelled and controlled by the Dom’Varr Hilesh, both sides providing the DVH with armaments amongst other things.

Further notes: – Rogue Trader Captain Talis Saro, in hiring the Xeno Tyrolians offered them in what I can only assume was a moment of sheer human madness, which was possibly swayed by the Tyrolians being 8 foot tall with power swords to match, – a choice of planet in the Seycelids as payment once they were taken, unsurprisingly they choose the Forge world Gravin, so they have a particular interest in the outcome. The Tyrolians are only in it for the honour and glory, and will kill us all if we are found unworthy. Their Captain, known as The Sharon promised this when we (rightly or wrongly) hired them at Slice Flesh Station.

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Only War Episode 7 and 8

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Recording: No Recording worth reporting on!

Tea: Lemonade again!

The situation was now dire, where before the buildings on the northern side of the square forced the enemy into easily controlled choke points, now instead the wreckage of the buildings would provide cover to any enemies approaching from that direction. Worse however was the fact that the tunnels that ran under almost every building were now breached. This could potentially lead to enemies crossing a comparatively small area of open ground, and then appearing right in the centre of the platoons defences.

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All those other games Pt 2

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Rogue Trader: “The Darkfall Vale

It started long before it really started. The Line of Saro and the O’Verlan clan had always been at odds, but it was when the Line of Saro discovered the secret that it all erupted into violence. The O’Verlan clan had been infiltrated by Genestealers, but finding the information out and using it to wreck the clan are two different things. Talis Saro heir to the line was forced to flee the destruction of his home-world as the O’Verlan’s forces attacked and destroyed it. Taking the evidence of their genetic befoulment (a pure strain Ggenestealer in a stasis bubble), and everything of worth he could load into the Seleucaemi Treasurer, he fled to the other side of the galaxy ending up in the Angaman sector, carrying pilgrims from one part of the sector to a newly reclaimed world. It was a job to get money, but it went HORRIBLY wrong.

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Only War Episode 6

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Recording: You know the drill with this one by now!

Tea: We seem to have located summer down the back of the Sofa. As such I drank cloudy lemonade rather than Tea!

At the beginning we thought that the Commissar wasn’t going to be played, but we later on found someone to play him. So for the first part the Commissar was assumed to be taking the Handler they drugged back to command for a vigorous interrogation by Delayne, who probably wouldn’t go straight to Castration as a tongue loosening plan. He returned soon afterwards however.
In the mean time the others dealt with the aftermath of the battle, dragging the various bodies into a huge pile near to the Sacristy of the Paupers. Jellin and Liana both took the time to examine them, and both discovered very worrying information. First the Tech Priest realised that the huge mutant was wearing the remains of a PDF uniform from the planet of Bayle, a planet that rose up against the Empire some 400 years ago and was punished by Exterminatus. Although the giant mutant was only “wearing” the armour in the loosest sense of the word, it did seem to belong to it. The Auto cannon it had been using like a rifle however was definitely not standard issue, having been torn off a Palaedeon 42nd Tank. This didn’t bode well for the Palaedeon’s and caused him more than a little consternation.

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The Cult Play Relic (with bad sound)

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Episode 2 – NB: This Pod cast includes Swearing (usually when Bloodied rolls for my enemies) and also themes of an adult nature, like gaming and roleplaying, as Such it is “Explicit”

download the file

The Second episode in which the Cult plays the new game Relic by Fantasy Flight Games.

Please note that due to a malfunction in the recording gear the sound on this one is a bit ropey. Due to this we have actually recorded a second game of Relic which will be released as Episode 3. If you wish to wait for that one we will understand! This is also an actual play, which means it is a very long episode.

Only War Episode 5

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Tea of the Session: In honour of releasing the first podcast I made myself a Thermos of Spice Imperial. Which was awesome.

Recording: Recorded but not up to standard to cast.

Picking himself off the floor Vyn found himself face to face with the last remaining hound which had not been killed when his Grenade went off. As Narine his companion tried to find her feet again Vyn prepared to fight the mutated creature. However before he leapt on it with his knife, the Commissar vaulted into the pump house and engaged the beast. Vyn’s knife and the Commissars “borrowed” power sword flashed but they only just managed to hold it at bay.

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Only War Episode 4

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Tea of the Session: I. Forgot. To. Make. Tea. The pain. The agony. I drank Dr Pepper. It wasn’t the same.

 Recording: Recorded but I struggled to hear the players, let alone the recorder catching it all.

This time I had the map with me, first however there was the little issue of the Prisoner Jellin had tranquillised at the end of the fight last episode. Considering their options they bound his wrists to his ankles and dragged him, still unconscious to the Cathedral of the Emperor, and began to work him over.  It took them a short while before they checked with the medic and found out that beating him wasn’t going to work as a method to wake him up as the drugs were pretty powerful. Also they were running a considerable risk of killing their best source of information.

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Only War Episode 3

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Tea of the Session: Thermos has finally been sourced so I was able to partake of some very fine Whittards Irish Breakfast.

Recorded: Recorded but not up to standard.

I forgot the map. Which given today ended up being the first combat was very unfortunate, however before we got to that point there was some other things happening. In the wake of the Warhounds passing through the area, the Commissar made a point to pass through all of the squads and try and keep morale up. However the sight of Imperial war machines heading to the front line in such an obvious hurry had shaken the troops slightly and even his reassuring words were not enough to calm them.

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Only War Episode Two

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Tea of the Session: I still do not have a bloody thermos and so was drinking Sainsburys Cranberry and Raspberry. A fine drink, but not tea.

Recording: Again Recorded but as it was not recorded at Cult headquarters not of sufficient quality to cast.

Where last session was taken up getting all of the characters acquainted, this session was mostly spent preparing their grid square for combat. First however they had to get there, and the Imperial guard had laid on a wonderful transport in the person of a Grox Manure Scow. Having been bolted into it, with the Operators Sentinel Bolted to the bottom of the ship, it dropped out of the transport and hurtled down towards Sinanphos.

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Only War.

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Tea of the Session: Strangely for me I had no tea. It was a terrible tragedy and I had to make do with Cloudy Lemonade.

Recording: Recorded but the recording is not of a high enough quality to cast sadly.

Well my Only War campaign has now started. It’s designed to be an introduction to people who have not necessarily roleplayed before, and also to fly the “Roleplaying” flag at the Games and Roleplaying Society. As such I have all levels of people in the game, some are experienced gamers who have a pretty good idea what to expect from one of my games, and the others don’t even know what to expect from Roleplaying.

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