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Kuro – The Four Otaku of Sto’Vo’Korr – Session 5

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Episode 48

Due to Scary Ghost Tactics I do not suggest listening to this while you drive your car!

In the Finale of the Kuro campaign the Characters now find themselves directly threatened by the angry ghost of Miyuki Sanso, apart from Chiyo who seemingly doesn’t do Pop-Culture references.
With one of the Four Otaku in hand can they keep him safe and alive from the ghost, knowing as they do that if she kills him, then she will be free to start on everyone else who has wronged her.

Currently they are trapped in one of the Otaku’s apartments, safe, so long as the salt barriers hold out.

Surely there’s nothing that could go wrong with that plan.

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This Podcast is Explicit. Contains Horror, Murder, Swearing, Archive, an Evil Ghost, terrible Japanese accents and Bloodied’s utterly terrible rolling. We really do mean it about listening in the car.

that roll

Kuro The Four Otaku of Sto-vo-korr Session 1

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Episode 33

In which we follow the two cops Detective Tanaki Soka and Kurosawa Noriko , plus the Occultist Liger Usagi, as they try and work out who murdered one of the Otaku in Sto-vo-korr the Otaku night club in Akibahara.

We begin playing Kuro (Website here a near (far) future game set in a dystopian ghost haunted Japan not dissimilar to the setting of Ghost in the Shell. Japan has been attacked with a nuclear weapon, but although the weapon went off, no one was killed by the blast… The rest of the world believes Japan has a secret nuclear defence, the Japanese government however is panicking as they have no idea what is going on.

And Shin-Edo (renamed Tokyo) is now crawling with ghosts.

Dramatis Persona

Kurasawa Noriko: Tiny Policewoman, with a penchant for Jujitsu and shooting people. Noriko is the shin kicker of the team physically capable and well-armed. She is very connected to her car (called Kimiko), and is suffering from terrible insomnia since the Kuro Incident.

Tanaki Soka: The heavy drinking Police detective, he’s not handling the post incident world terribly well (he’s a semi-heavy drinker), but is continuing to do his job (just about) despite it. Wearing a forensics skin suit he also has a fair amount of natural ability, and some hacking knowledge gained from his time on the street.

Liger Usagi: The Bozoku Occultist, the world has become a weird place, and Usagi is well suited to it. Riding a motorcycle that would not have looked out of place in Akira, he also carries a .38 special with bloodstains from its previous owners death which he claims is “very effective against ghosts”, he knows more than he is letting on.

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This Podcast is Explicit, contains adult themes, such as Cat Girls, murder, nanotech, catastrophic chest trauma, slightly creepy managers, rose petals, Love robots and creepiness.