Kuro – The Four Otaku of Sto’Vo’Korr – Session 5

Episode 48

Due to Scary Ghost Tactics I do not suggest listening to this while you drive your car!

In the Finale of the Kuro campaign the Characters now find themselves directly threatened by the angry ghost of Miyuki Sanso, apart from Chiyo who seemingly doesn’t do Pop-Culture references.
With one of the Four Otaku in hand can they keep him safe and alive from the ghost, knowing as they do that if she kills him, then she will be free to start on everyone else who has wronged her.

Currently they are trapped in one of the Otaku’s apartments, safe, so long as the salt barriers hold out.

Surely there’s nothing that could go wrong with that plan.

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This Podcast is Explicit. Contains Horror, Murder, Swearing, Archive, an Evil Ghost, terrible Japanese accents and Bloodied’s utterly terrible rolling. We really do mean it about listening in the car.

that roll

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