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Episode 204 – Changeling – Trailing Ivy – Session 5 (technically)

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To work out what happened in the last (lost) session please listen to the PRECAP first!

We review a tea with Texture issues, and another that doesnt have any taste!

Then we finally get to the bottom of the mystery of where has Ivy gotten to, and could she be in the frosted glass chapel that they seem to have found?

Also what are all of the items on the shelves about, and why is it so quiet here.

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Episode 204 – Changeling – Trailing Ivy – Precap

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Last week we recorded a whole session of Changeling, and then unfortunately the Monoith decided it didn’t want to record it.

As such we have recorded this Short Radio Play to tell you what happened in a vaguely comedic manner.

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Episode 197 – CoC7e – Changeling – Trailing Ivy – Session 3

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Firstly we hear that Loka’s namesake Loka the special Pug has passed away and we have a moment of silence. Then we launch into it.

Secondly Pookie, Simon Burley, and James Mullen organise and run a twice-a-year, one-day convention in the centre of Birmingham called Spaghetti ConJunction, which raises money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The next event, Spaghetti ConJunction 2a, takes place on Saturday, February 10th.
Details can found here:

Goaticorn (aka The Artist Formerly Known as Goaticorn, aka Notorius Goat-I-C) leads our intrepid searchers off the Hedge-equivalent of a motorway and onto a dank looking B-road equivalent. It getting dark, Suturis decides to light the way.

However they soon find a tower, but was Ivy ever in there? Also what is a Buas, and why is Kotic now waiting for it?

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Episode 194 – CoC7e – Changeling – Trailing Ivy – Session 2

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Our Merry Band of Misfits continues going to look for the Ivy, but first they might have to deal with the thing which is stalking them through the Hedge. The issues is that the Path keeps trying to lure them off in the bushes, which would be incredibly bad.

Will Suturis’ red cloak actually make a difference, will Disposal manage to dispose of them, and will Bell realise that having a weapon and knowing how to use it are very different things!

Finally and more importantly… What is that thing over there, and what is it’s health provision!

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Episode 192 – CoC7e – Changeling – Trailing Ivy – Session 1

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Happy New Year!

First Archive has a bit of a kerfuffle at the enormity of having to deal with our spanky new sound block! Which we continue to fiddle with as we persue el nuevo sonido

This time in Changeling the Lost we are shaking it up a little, as this time we will be playing members of the Master of the Houses retinue in Lovely Arcadia. Follow as Bell the Mirrorskin Butler, Alyosia the Deer Doctor (dear?), Kotic the Watchcat, Disposal the… well the label is right there on the tin, and Suturis the dressmakers dummy go on adventures that they are frankly not equipped to deal with.

What could go wrong, oh yes we could need to eat food.

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Episode 154 – New World of “Darkness” – Return of the Pod People – Session 4

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Well the students know what they need to know. They head down to the Curator to receive the sword Mánbelthor (faerie-basher), the magical lucky ring, and the lethal Pepper Spray.

It can’t be helped, they have stalled as much as possible there nothing to do but go and kill a furry, sorry Faerie!

Sadly we had some sound issues again, however I’ve cleaned it up as much as I can. Unfortunately it seems to have refused to record from the lovely microphones we had set up and instead used the laptops internal microphone!

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Episode 90 – Changeling – Neverwhere – War Beneath the Streets – Session 3

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Because the last episode was fairly short I have released this one early to make up for it!

With Fenbyarl being very very dead, which will likely cause issues between the Ravens Court and the Earls Court, Sleagh has granted them a headstart before the hunt inevitably begins. Given it’s highly likely our merry band of miscreants will be made the scapegoats if a war threatens, they do the obvious thing… They leg it.

But the Raven’s Court is a labyrinth, so actually escaping is more of a trial than expected, especially when they almost immediately get captured by the Dust Tribes!

Will they survive the oddly lint-obsessed tribe of maniacs? If they do can they even escape the castle? Can they make it home?

Follow now as they attempt to make their way through the dangerous spaces in Neverwhere, War beneath the streets.

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The Music is by The Twilight Sad and is used with Permission (because they are awesome).

Please let us know what you think either here, at, or @Cultteaanddice if you want to give us any Feedback, please also feel free to leave us reviews on Itunes

This Podcast is Explicit, Archive, adulterated Ice cubes, “Aux In”, Taiwan Super good awesome tea (which is foul), David Bowie impressions, Volatile Chemicals, Large amounts of fireworks in the background (it was five days before Fireworks night),”Ballyhoo!”, Brainsucking and Riddles.