Changeling – War Beneath the Streets – Session 2

Episode 85

With Fenbjarl of the Earls court managing to stand against the King in Rags and Tatters the players have to try and spirit away his magical talisman to prevent him taking over the whole of the Ravens Court.

However in a world where all is alliances, politicking, and plotting someone must be behind it. Can the denizens of the abandoned hospital survive the machinations of whoever is really behind it?

We had a few sound issues again, I really am trying to sort them.

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This Podcast is Explicit, and contains a lot of things… including odd assasination methods, trying to come to terms with how the system works, Colossal Limb Damage, Amputation, talking to rats. Also #MagicalAccident.

The Music is by The Twilight Sad and is used with Permission (because they are awesome).

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