Yellow Dawn – Return of the Yellow Queen

Episode 86

In the dark future where the Mythos-apocalypse has occurred but life has continued despite the fact, four slightly random people sign up to a mission to retrieve a book, specifically the book “The Yellow Queen”.

Please note that I should not be asked to play a pregen character directly after watching Fury Road again…

Mawdrigen is playing a Road Mage, Bloodied a Rural Mercenary, Archive a Scavenger, and Hardwick an Intelligence officer, and they all start unnamed! Which lasts all of two minutes.

Archive suffers Dice Envy, and then we finally begin! Will we succeed at the CRC mission, or are we going to end up Zombie-fodder?

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This Podcast is Explicit, contains Mawdrigen as a war-boy/shaman, Archive as a pirate, and a lot of zombies. Oh and a dog. We also got buzzed by a Chinook helicopter at one point 😛

3 Responses to “Yellow Dawn – Return of the Yellow Queen”

  1. Great – more tales of Burton zombies please, not sure about the pregnant llama?

    • Heheh well the llama wasn’t pregnant the woman holding the llama puppet was! It’s actually a reference to a buffy campaign we played years ago!

  2. Sad to report that David J Rodger the creator of Yellow Dawn has died.

    We do still hope to return to Yellow Dawn however as it was an awesomely fun game.

    Which is the best kind of tribute we can achieve.

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