CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – La Fleurs Du Mal- Session 1

Episode 87

With the Doom train finally dealt with they get back to actually saving the world and so they… get on a train!

Travelling to Paris they start their researches trying to find the location of the Sedefkar Simulacrum, particularly the previous owner known as the Comte De Fenalique. They believe that at least one part may remain in France with the the rest having been scattered all over Europe.

Of course getting into the Bibliotechque National takes time… So why not do some (A LOT) of tourism first.

Luckily most of them speak French, shame it’s not the ones that are great at dealing with libraries really.

First though, Shopping, and hotels and other such things! Sightseeing!
Will the Death of Dr Etienne Delplace turn out to be a red herring, will they bother to check? Find out now!

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This Podcast is Explicit, Business Cards, The Snow of Life, unbelievably crunchy bisquits, Gamer completionist tendencies, Netherlander Swearing,Archive and Holy seagulls…

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