CoC7e – Changeling – Trailing Ivy – Session 3

Episode 197
Firstly we hear that Loka’s namesake Loka the special Pug has passed away and we have a moment of silence. Then we launch into it.

Secondly Pookie, Simon Burley, and James Mullen organise and run a twice-a-year, one-day convention in the centre of Birmingham called Spaghetti ConJunction, which raises money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The next event, Spaghetti ConJunction 2a, takes place on Saturday, February 10th.
Details can found here:

Goaticorn (aka The Artist Formerly Known as Goaticorn, aka Notorius Goat-I-C) leads our intrepid searchers off the Hedge-equivalent of a motorway and onto a dank looking B-road equivalent. It getting dark, Suturis decides to light the way.

However they soon find a tower, but was Ivy ever in there? Also what is a Buas, and why is Kotic now waiting for it?

Loka sat in and twiddled our knobs in the hope of resulting in better sound. We will leave it up to you to determine if it worked!

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, road comparisons, AM-Nam-Nam, peril, being a lamp, dark towers, being trapped, panic, assault with Apples, and who would put a goat on a motorway?

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