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Holy Crap we are productive

Posted in The Witterings of Mawdrigen with tags , , on 30 November 2013 by Mawdrigen

Yesterday at the Great Big Temple of the Old Ones in Goatswood the cult gathered to play Unhallowed Metropolis. At the beginning of the recording we had a bit of a conversation which went like this:
Mawdrigen: Right what episode is this?
Bloodied: Err 20? 22?
Mr Ed: Check the Recording folder
Mawdrigen: Bugger me it’s 24. We’ve only just released episode 14.
Bloodied: Plus we’re recording again on Thursday because it’s game of thrones…
All: Oooh. Crap.

We have been recording a lot of sessions but sticking to our Two-weekly release schedule. Now having a backlog is good, when Larp season starts it means it doesn’t matter if I disappear off into the Woods for extended periods of time. The problem is though that judging by what we are currently releasing you might be slightly confused into thinking that Goatswood has exceedingly odd weather it being boiling hot in the middle of winter.

Having discussed this a bit with the rest of the cult (or the ones that were there) I and Bloodied have decided to treat you to some Yule-Madness. From Friday until the backlog is down to only 5 episodes again we will go to a weekly release schedule for a bit. Once we reach only a 5 Episode backlog we will probably go back to the two week release schedule depending on how well we think it is going.

Of course this means I now have to go do all the editing.
Oh hell!