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Fate Accelerated – Frost Vikings – The Trouble With Trolls – Part 1

Posted in Actual Play, Fifth 100, Podcasts with tags , , on 26 June 2022 by Mawdrigen

Episode 424

We decided to do more Frost Vikings, a decision that had nothing to do with Mawdrigen failing to plan anything!

The Pair turns into a quartet and decides to see if they can earn some treasure by solving a local lords Troll issues. Will Bolla, Viv, Hrolf the Bard, and Lars the Knife Porcupine be able to beat the other heroes interested to the punch and solve the Trollish Trouble.

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Trolls, BESTLA the BEST COW, Violence, Boning, Knives, unconscious dogs.