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The Transatlantic Files – [ITS SUPEREXPLICIT] Cards Against Humanity and a talky episode in one!

Posted in Actual Play, First 100, Podcasts with tags , on 5 June 2015 by Mawdrigen

Episode 68

We might be Excessively British, but the Cult of Tea and Dice has adherents everywhere. So when Bloodied headed over to America (California) he took cards against humanity with him to try and corrupt some of them. Please note the sound after they stop playing Cards is a little “ropier” than we usually have as they were driving through the desert at the time!

This is explicit people… It’s C.A.H. and then they stop playing and take us on a tour of the Mojave desert, detailing points about games, villians, and why Denny’s and IHOP are not as bad as you might think.

Mawdrigen’s Edit: I think they may have been Sober for this… Good lord!

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This Podcast is Explicit, Discussions of Gamer Gate, Our Eternal Hatred of Them, Americanisms, Super-Explicitness, The idea of “triple black”, The worlds worst Ronald Reagan Impression, Altarboys, the N-word, and a whole host of other things. Oh and Punching Fahrenheit in the Dick.