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Rogue Trader, the tales of Tallis Saro -The Engagement over Gravin

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Corvax Ascendent

Engineseer Prime – Luna M100168

Lancer Gunner

Battle report for the initial confrontation at Gravin – Forge world in the Seycelids.

A week after the Chaos Tech-Marine was taken down in the ships ‘lost barracks’, with an Ork Kommando on board and the Astropath Choir Master Omar behaving even more oddly than usual, (it’s great timing to have to confront the Dom’Varr Hilesh.)

Mission objective: to assess the Dom’Varr Hilesh presence around the planet Gravin and if possible take out any ships in the system – intelligence suggests one has been in dry dock for some time.

The Dom’varr Hilesh do not appreciate our interest in their trading monopoly, as our previous encounters with them have proved. We have however had some success, with victories on Bodom’s Loss, in halting their harvest of medical plants and having defeated two of their smaller trading ships.(what happened after those victories was an illogical waste of resources and life.)

Gravin is in perpetual civil war both fuelled and controlled by the Dom’Varr Hilesh, both sides providing the DVH with armaments amongst other things.

Further notes: – Rogue Trader Captain Talis Saro, in hiring the Xeno Tyrolians offered them in what I can only assume was a moment of sheer human madness, which was possibly swayed by the Tyrolians being 8 foot tall with power swords to match, – a choice of planet in the Seycelids as payment once they were taken, unsurprisingly they choose the Forge world Gravin, so they have a particular interest in the outcome. The Tyrolians are only in it for the honour and glory, and will kill us all if we are found unworthy. Their Captain, known as The Sharon promised this when we (rightly or wrongly) hired them at Slice Flesh Station.

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All those other games Pt 2

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Rogue Trader: “The Darkfall Vale

It started long before it really started. The Line of Saro and the O’Verlan clan had always been at odds, but it was when the Line of Saro discovered the secret that it all erupted into violence. The O’Verlan clan had been infiltrated by Genestealers, but finding the information out and using it to wreck the clan are two different things. Talis Saro heir to the line was forced to flee the destruction of his home-world as the O’Verlan’s forces attacked and destroyed it. Taking the evidence of their genetic befoulment (a pure strain Ggenestealer in a stasis bubble), and everything of worth he could load into the Seleucaemi Treasurer, he fled to the other side of the galaxy ending up in the Angaman sector, carrying pilgrims from one part of the sector to a newly reclaimed world. It was a job to get money, but it went HORRIBLY wrong.

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