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The Joy of a new character.

Posted in The Witterings of Mawdrigen with tags , on 25 June 2013 by Mawdrigen

Starting with a blank character sheet is for me one of the best bits of Role-playing. I’ve played a few games with pre-gens but I always prefer games where I can make my own character. Recently I’ve done that For Game Of Thrones and I’ll be using that character (Garrick Snow) as my example.

I always try to have an idea of the sort of character I want to create before I start, and Garrick was designed to be a close combat bruiser who can also act as a unit leader if we (when we…) get involved in war. More importantly he was intended to be the Bastard Son of the Houses Lord, who should have been legitimate if not for the Machinations of his Grandfather, and a very early birth which carried off the lords first… well not wife but intended wife. The idea behind the character is that during Robert Baratheon’s rebellion he actually took a blow from Rheagar that was meant for Robert, and as he was very near death Robert asked if there was anything he could do, and Garrick asked for his legitimacy, which Robert granted him on the basis that he didn’t expect him to survive. However he did survive and since then has been waiting for the King to get round to actually doing the paper work for it. Which means of course his house is in a difficult position as he is both the heir and not the heir, luckily Garrick for all his flaws is loyal to his family if he doesn’t end up the heir he’ll serve the family. Continue reading