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Adaptation, and Bloodied’s ramblings thereon

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Tea: as this was written at work, which has the same kitchen equipment level as a Siberian gulag, no tea, just Pepsi Max, aka the mead of comedy

It has occurred to me, in my rare moments of deep thought, that there is a common thread between the two games I have GM’ed (yes, I’m counting that as a verb), beyond the obvious me. Both A Song of Ice and Fire and The Dresden Files are games that come from existing source material, and expansive source material at that. As a GM (admittedly only part-time GM in the case of Dresden Files), this creates both opportunities and obstacles, some inherent and some self-inflicted. We’ll be discussing these issues in greater detail in an upcoming podcast, featuring myself, Mawdrigen and Nyx, but I wanted to take the opportunity to write down a few of my own thoughts.

Well, that and Mawdrigen keeps telling me off for not writing more articles for the site.
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Pacific Rim Special Episode

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This Special Episode is a review of Pacific Rim the giant robot vs kaiju film that has recently hit the cinemas! We gush about how awesome the film is, talk about what we’d have like to have seen, and even discuss how we would set up a RPG Campaign to run a game similar!

This is somewhat spoilerific so if you have not seen the film either skip to 40 minutes, and also skip 1:08 to 1:10 or you know … GO AND SEE THE FILM.

NB: This podcast contains swearing, and also themes of an adult nature. Oh and Britishness, lots and lots of Britishness. We are somewhat irreverent, but we totally don’t mean any of it, well apart from the bit about the French.