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Transatlantic Talky Episode – Three Guys Talk at length about things (including Cookies, tea, and final fantasy)

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Episode 213
Firstly the American team (and Bloodied!) engage in some interesting Maple Heavy tea with a bit of ginger.

Smores, are discussed. As are other girl scout cookies, along with the problems of cookie inflation! Cookies are Dunked, and rated!

Join us as Bloodied, Ghostlyn, and Allegory talk about Final Fantasy, the Importance of Games shops, and indeed all things gaming! So if you ever wanted to know all there is to know about the Final fantasy series stay tuned!

There are a few sound issues with this episode due to recording on a phone and not the giant monolith of doom!

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Way of the Paladin Part 4: Why do bad tanks Exist? Because of you, Ass-hat!

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I reached level 15, grabbed my class quest, and then forgot to finish it before heading into my first Dungeon Satasha.

Which is where I made two very bad mistakes.

The first was that I used the Duty Finder to get into the dungeon. Normally the duty finder is an excellent tool to get groups for dungeons that you need to get done, because it will slap together a group for you across all the servers from all the people willing to do that dungeon, or even high levels doing their low level roulettes and so on, who will be level synced down. This is fine, and nine times out of ten you will get a good group. That last bit was the one that sadly didn’t happen for me for my first run into the dungeons.

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Way of the Paladin Part 1: Smacking marmots.

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As I may have mentioned a couple of million times I am at the moment playing a large amount of Final Fantasy 14 recently. The game is one of the most polished MMO’s I’ve played, simply because they seem to have looked at every MMO that came before and taken the good parts from them. This includes a UI that actually covers most of the requirements that other games only have with add ins. For example aggro meters are already built in, as are sortable party lists as standard.

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Killing Primals for Fun and Profit, OR oh my god is there any Job we don’t do in CT

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It’s been a while since I talked about FFXIV: ARR (FFarr) which is not to say I haven’t been playing the game, more that I have been too busy playing the thing to write about it.

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Oh my God, what am I wearing.

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As some of you have no doubt heard (read) I have been playing Fufaaarrr aka Final Fantasy a Realm Reborn (aka FFXiV) quite a bit recently. My progress has continued, and now I am slowly getting towards my first level 50 class as a Black Mage. What this means is, ALL THE DAMAGE COMES OUT OF MY FACE AND BURNINATES EVERYTHING THAT DARES STAND BEFORE MY ELDRITCH MIGHT… sorry that just popped out.

One thing I do like about FFXiV is that, at least for your first class to 50, it doesn’t feel too “grindy”. The grind is death in any MMO and is almost guaranteed to make me want to leave a game. The moment a game ends up feeling like a job, you know you are doing it wrong. Its why I stopped playing WOW, its why I stopper playing Secret World, its not why I stopped playing Planetside (that was all the fucking elmos) but you get my point surely.

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The Final (Fantasy) Frontier

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I’m a player of MMO’s, I’ll admit it. Now I don’t have many evenings when I’m not stupidly busy of course, what with having to record roleplaying games for you guys, planning games, and you know occasionally doing the social life thing. However I’ve lately been feeling the hankering for more social gaming. Dragon Age wasn’t cutting it, and planetside has fallen off a bit in the face of… well… terrans to be honest.

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