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Cthulhu Dark – Chosen of the Sun – Session 2

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Episode 237
With the only witness a blackened charred corpse the Strike team decide to go to the Elagabalium and see the rites to Elgabol first hand. They hope that it will provide them with the clues they need to bring the Emperor down or at least reverse their decision to ban the worship of the Gods of Rome.

Will they be able to get in without being seen, and worse, if they do can they resist the call of the strange Syrian God themselves!

So join us now as we head to Rome 221 AD to find out if the Rites to Elagabol were finally ended.

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Cthulhu Dark – Chosen of the Sun – Session 1

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Episode 236
Once again down a player for Horror on the Orient Express Mawdrigen had a few hours to come up with a game, and with the excellent History of Rome Podcast by Mike Duncan playing and remembering an interview Oscar Rios gave the excellent Good Friends Of Jackson Elias podcast an idea leaped into his head.

So join us now as we head to Rome 221 AD in the rule of the unconventional Emperor Elagabalus and the dangerous times that surrounded them.

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CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – Repossession – Session 4

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Episode 207
WE ARE MUCH LOUDER IN THIS ONE! However it was blowing a gale outside so there might be some background noise!

With the incident at the Univerity over, the Major whisks them away to the tender mercies of his secret hideout and Dr Tredo. However while they are planning what to do about the Butchers, Selena has a visitor from London.

A Visitor with a Raven, oily hair, and a penchant for Occultism.

What could possibly go wrong.

The Major has a plan, but can he persuade them to go along with it!

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The Cult Special Episode – Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 2 and 3

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It’s a Special Episode!

With the start of the Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3 Kickstarter Available Here
the chaps over at Gamerati asked if we would like to talk about Cthulhu Wars again and we answered with a resounding yes!

Cthulhu Wars is a game of asymmetric factions battling over a destroyed world. Join us as we go through the previous releases for the game and then go on to the items appearing in Onslaught 3! Hope you enjoy our thoughts on the game.

I strongly suggest backing this game if you can afford to!

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All those other games.

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In the “What the Fuck have we been doing in role-playing” we keep mentioning all these other games that are going on. Most of the Cult are either my players or people I play along with so I thought I’d let you have a quick look at the other games that are going on.

Call of Cthulhu: “The Blood of the Father”

When the game started I had everyone roll on a table to see what they looked like. There were many jokes about how “everyone had the same nose”, or similar hair. Then a Turkish cultist tried to murder the two upper class twins, and after a horrible stabbing which nearly caused Michael Dalley to die in the first two minutes of the campaign, they subdued him and found a list of the other potential victims. Which strangely consisted of the other PC’s and one other name. The Dalleys managed to gather up everyone, including an elderly ex soldier Horace Dolby, a middle aged bare knuckle boxer Henry Compton, a middle aged “Adventuress” Sonia House, and a young news reporter Rowena Tower. The last name on the list a Daniel Delmorte, was an artist and as they headed to his house to warn him came face to face with two Turkish Cultists in front of his house. Given how deadly the single cultist was they decided not to attack them, but when another cultist ran out of Delmorte’s house and the others ran off they realised they had made a terrible mistake. They found Delmorte horribly murdered (no eyes and with a flayed head), and some strange paintings of something like Medusa, that had a strange effect on all those who found women attractive (which included Sonia) rooting them in place with it’s beauty. The took the painting and several clues and headed to Sonia’s house. Michael Dalley however quickly succumbed to an opium addiction.

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