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Re-Dragon Age: Haven holidays (all dragons inclusive)

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Tea: Just water

Demons defeated and mages enlisted, it was time for our heroes to do an Indiana Jones and find Dragon Age’s equivalent of the holy grail, Andraste’s ashes. Many of Arl Eamon’s knights had apparently been attempting this but had come back empty-handed. Could we succeed where they’d failed? Well, it’d be a short game if we couldn’t…
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Re-Dragon Age: Fade Away

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Tea: Still hot; still water

Every game, no matter how great, has that one segment. You know the kind; that moment all momentum screeches to a halt and tedium envelops the player in an all encompassing malaise. Bored, you grit your teeth and wade forward, hoping your patience can last until you’re back to the fun stuff. Half Life had Xen. Mass Effect 2 had the planet scanning. Skyrim had the Soul Cairn. Dragon Age: Origins has the Fade.

But I pre-empt myself.
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Re-Dragon Age: There’ll be skeletons over the red cliffs of Redcliffe

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Tea: It’s hot, so no tea, just water.

When we’d left our heroes, they were setting out on their epic quest. This was immediately interrupted by plot development, as we were shown the capital, where Teryn Loghain (he of the obvious villainy) had rocked up and was declaring himself regent, on the grounds that King Pillock the first was dead and his widow just so happened to be his daughter. This annoyed some of the Banns (the nobles who aren’t quite Arls, apparently), with a chap called Tegan being especially arsey and making insinuations about the King’s death. Personally, I was just trying to figure out how Loghain had gotten all the way across the country in a matter of hours. Clearly he moves at the speed of plot.
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Re-Dragon Age: Origins (of a Replay)

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Tea: Créme Caramel tea from the Cult’s home away from home, The Tea Shop in Covent Garden, London. I may also have had a couple of pints with Omarscen at the pub shortly before this, but I’d like to think that’s not relevant. I’d also like to think my beard makes me look stylish rather than demented, so that shows you how effective mind over matter really is.

Reading Mawdrigen’s excellent posts on learning to tank in FFXIV, I wondered what I could contribute to the Cult by the way of blogging about computer gaming. Not being much of an MMO player, beyond a stint on Planetside 2 that was scuppered by changing work shifts and a couple of months on WoW that began to help Loka get a zebracorn, there wasn’t much I could contribute from that angle. Then I remembered that just yesterday I began another runthrough of one of my favourite games, Dragon Age: Origins. Mightn’t it be interesting for me to share my thoughts as I start the 40 to 50 hour trip down Ferelden’s memory lane?

Well, that’ll be your personal opinion, frankly, but I’m going to write about it regardless.
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Adaptation, and Bloodied’s ramblings thereon

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Tea: as this was written at work, which has the same kitchen equipment level as a Siberian gulag, no tea, just Pepsi Max, aka the mead of comedy

It has occurred to me, in my rare moments of deep thought, that there is a common thread between the two games I have GM’ed (yes, I’m counting that as a verb), beyond the obvious me. Both A Song of Ice and Fire and The Dresden Files are games that come from existing source material, and expansive source material at that. As a GM (admittedly only part-time GM in the case of Dresden Files), this creates both opportunities and obstacles, some inherent and some self-inflicted. We’ll be discussing these issues in greater detail in an upcoming podcast, featuring myself, Mawdrigen and Nyx, but I wanted to take the opportunity to write down a few of my own thoughts.

Well, that and Mawdrigen keeps telling me off for not writing more articles for the site.
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Dresden Files: Virtual Insanity – And Now The Epic Conclusion…

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Tea of the Session: Twinning English Breakfast. I’m not one for variety.

Recorded: There are AIM logs, but those are classified to protect the innocent. And the guilty. Mostly the guilty. The guilty being me.

Well, this took some time to write up. I did warn you all I was prone to procrastination, though in my defense there were some extenuating circumstances, namely Shuck’s player moving state and then getting work that unfortunately ruled him out of participation for the foreseeable future, though he has since been able to return. Thankfully we were able to find another player to step in, but only once my GMing stint was over. So, after a 2 week break, the story continued as a two hander with Chesmu the wereraccoon and Tyler the apprentice wizard seeking to solve the mystery of Malcolm Langford’s murder and strange conspiracy surrounding his employer’s latest game. To this end, they went with the time-honoured PC tradition of breaking and entering.

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Dresden Files: Virtual Insanity (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love GMing)

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Tea: Twinnings English Breakfast

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I excel at procrastination. It’s just a natural talent I have, alongside possessing excellent facial hair and a knack using 10 words when 2 will do. There’s a stack of unfinished or flat out never-begun film scripts, novels and webcomics to bear testament to this, and tabletop gaming does not escape either. Despite having known Mawdrigen and benefited from his fine GMing skills for some 10+ years, I had never worked up the gumption to run a game myself. Was it a fear of failure? Was it sheer laziness? Probably a mix of both. That changed in the past few weeks, and the culprit was none other than that old rogue the power of love (tm Huey Lewis).

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