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The American Files – The Fallout Series (ITS SPOILERIFFIC!)

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Episode 284

A few sound issues due to… err… tables?

Bloodied headed over to America and while he was there, he, Allegory, and Ghostlyn and they discussed (with heavy spoilers) the entire Fallout Series!

This is a long old episode!

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A Talky One

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Episode 34

Nyx, Bloodied and I gather to record another “Talky episode” in which we discuss what we have been playing gaming wise. We also review “Himalaya” blend tea from the Covent Garden Tea house, which seems to be perfectly pleasant black tea.
We then go on to discuss game inspiration, and where we get our ideas from. We also talk about up coming campaigns such as Chaosiums Horror on the Orient Express.
We also discuss Atmosphere and Tension in games and how we generate it, also problems with how you build it up. Dread gets mentioned, as being perfectly capable of generating the tension, without it being possible to diffuse it.
Finally we discuss player Dickishness vs in character Dickishness.

What could go wrong?
We also plug the Excellent Syrinscape! found here Website

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