New World of “Darkness” – Return of the Pod People – Session 4

Episode 154

Well the students know what they need to know. They head down to the Curator to receive the sword Mánbelthor (faerie-basher), the magical lucky ring, and the lethal Pepper Spray.

It can’t be helped, they have stalled as much as possible there nothing to do but go and kill a furry, sorry Faerie!

Sadly we had some sound issues again, however I’ve cleaned it up as much as I can. Unfortunately it seems to have refused to record from the lovely microphones we had set up and instead used the laptops internal microphone!

Which is shit.

Download the File

There is also a louder version of the file here please note I cannot guarantee its any better to listen to.


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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, badly made bong sounds, drugs, drugs references, lethal pepper spray, Wilberforce the Commie, Stealth Bears, Bumrushing PHD students, No?!?, Bad Sound

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