New World of “Darkness” – Return of the Pod People – Session 3

Episode 153

Mawdrigen’s accent continues to make it sound like we are trying to kill furries but it’s actually Faeries we are hunting. You know the Iron-Phobic Hedge-living baby-snatchers.

Anyway, having performed a séance and had a word with Paul Lane about his brother we realised that actually it was Faeries, and immediately began to try and work out the best plan. Having more Iron is definitely the best plan! To the Antiques Store!

We have had some sound issues caused by the fact that we’re in the progress of decorating the Great Hall of the Cult prior to selling it and buying a new one (this ones got Shoggoths). This means the shelves are empty and the room is more echoey than we’re used to! This has resulted in us losing some of the higher

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, badly made bong sounds, drugs, drugs references, lethal pepper spray, We are watching you (we aren’t), Pod People, Lick the Pole!, the 1968 Trade Consumers Act, Faeries, Mawdrigen being Northern, and LICK THE POLE!

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