MECHA VS KAIJU 202X – Kickstarter Special Edition – Destroy All Kaiju – Session 3


We are pleased to have Jonathan Wright with us for this episode, demoing the new version of his Cult Approved game Mecha Vs Kaiju!
Kickstarter here!
The Kickstarter is now Live! Go and Back!

The Ninja’s have summoned Kaibutsu, so having just finished of Ijimeko now the squad have to try and fight the King Of The Kaiju himself! Will Japan’s finest be able to save the day, or will tragedy stalk the streets of the business district?

Mecha Vs Kaiju 5E – Destroy All Kaiju – Session 3

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Combat, Injury, Mecha, Kaiju, Major Tongue Damage, and The King Of Kaiju

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