A Talky One – The Terrible Loss and board game roundup

Episode 138

Well it’s finally happened as we have finally done another Talky One! In this episode we lament the loss of the FFG/GW partnership and discuss the terrible havoc this will wreak on some of our favourite games, which may disappear entirely in the near future (possibly even pulped :(). We briefly discuss the fact that Tabletop (Wil Wheaton’s excellent tabletop gaming show) is not really out until 2017.

We then move on to talking about games we have recently played, with Archive telling us about Scythe, a game she didn’t really understand but thoroughly enjoyed! We go on to discuss Cthulhu Wars and the storage problems that Onslaught Three poses. We go on to other games including Epic Spell Wars, Smashup, and other games we have recently played or have expansions.

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