WFRP 2nd Ed – The Goodest Goose- Session 3

Episode 139

(n.b. We had some sound issues again the buzz has been removed but there were a lot of sections that were damaged or very quiet. Please accept our apologies, we will attempt to address these issues going forward.)

So in an episode that starts with us all being quite antagonistic (we love our listeners really but pain makes us cranky!), we continue on with the adventure of the Goodest Goose. Joining our heroes as they sit down for dinner with Lord Aschaffenburg, Henrik, the sleepy servants, the wounded guards, the dodgy doctor, the bandaged weirdo, the librarian, and of course the Burly Dog Perv ™ we wait to see if the Goose is actually good.

The process of elimation has been set up, everyone is eating something different (Goose alone, Goose and vegetables, Venison alone, and Venison with vegetables) but they haven’t taken account of the hardyness of the Dwarf (mmm more Scorpion Venom please) or the appetite of the halfling (Thirds pleaszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz).

What could go wrong?

What indeed….
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The Music is Constancy Part Two by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Mawdrigen being quite testy due to pain, Burly Dog Perv, Catastrophic Knee Trauma, Goose, Venison, Confusion (lots of it), Knocking people the Fuck Out with a teacup, Shooting bells, and the quietest Bloodied there has ever been.

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