A Cult Day Out – Special Episode

A Cult Day Out

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Yesterday evening in … Goatswood (totally not Reading honest) the Cult of Tea and Dice descended on the South Street Arts centre (which is not in Reading either) for an evening of Steampowered awesomeness and comedy nerdery. We had an awesome time and felt the need to review both the evening and the rather fine tea which I purchased from the Professor himself. If you ever get chance to go to AF Harold’s Lovely Cabaret then you really should go, we will be the strange types sat near to the front, but not actually at the front of the place given what happened to Archive (we are getting to that).

Please note we continue to be both British and Irreverent, also you may learn more about dolphins than you ever wanted, or needed to know!

Professor Elemental – Website
Helen Arney – Website

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