The midwinter festival

As I sit here surrounded by the wreckage of the great ritual to try and summon Rhetego ulun shar, the great old one of malice, I am reminded of all the things that have gone on this year.

The first of course is that the Great Old Ones have not yet turned up to eat everyone, as is probably obvious by the fact that gigantic shadowy figures are not currently bestriding the world shovelling people into their maws, and of course I’m busy typing this.

However the other thing that happened was that we started the Cult of Tea and Dice. Having listened to a lot of other peoples gaming podcasts we (I.e. Me and Bloodied) decided that “sod it we should have a go at this!”. So we did! We’ve been doing this nearly a year now, and we’ve learned a lot of stuff about does and doesn’t work, and also made what I think is a lot of good episodes! With our flagship sessions unhallowed metropolis and game of thrones and our occasional one offs like final girl or dread we’re dedicated to making interesting sessions for you all!

That is kind of the point however, we’re not much without people listening to our stuff! Please keep listening and commenting because Without you all there’s not much point to doing all of this!

Hopefully in the coming year we will continue to make interesting things for you all to listen to! Oh and occasionally break Bloodied by shouting “Thirteen!”

Hope you all have a good winter festival of your particular choice and a happy new year!

Chief cultist of the Cult of Tea and Dice

Ps we think we know what we did wrong, turns out you cannot replace jimson weed with oregano in the summoning ritual.

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  1. Ahhh, the year at an end and the New Year beginning, great to here you all are so encouraged to continue bringing out more content. Continue the great work.

    P.S. Their is always next year the Old Ones have waited so far what is one more year.

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