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“Wouldn’t it be dreadful to live in a country where they didn’t have tea?” –  Noel Coward

Well, yes it would! The cultists would all have less to talk about and be a lot less hydrated.  I have collated the tea reviews so far…….

Episode 1 Whittards Spiced Imperial

A blended black tea, strong intense taste and bold colour. Developed for the Irish market at the turn of the last Century.

Cult Comments –  nice but not as good as English breakfast, Cult verdict – majority liked.

Episode 3 Whittards Afternoon Blend

A blended black and jasmine green tea, lightly perfumed with Bergamot. Mr Whittard created this house blend in the 1940’s especially for those long lingering afternoons when tea taken on the lawn was the most British of rituals.

Cult verdict – Light, refreshing and mellow – 50% liked

Episode 4 Whittards English Breakfast

A blend of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan black tea for a smooth and strong taste. A pot of this traditional blend makes breakfast all it’s meant to be. Assam for strength, Ceylon for depth and Kenyan for colour.

Cult verdict –  Bloodied’s standard tea, if I think of tea I think of English breakfast, unanimously liked

Episode 5 No review

Episode Special no review

Episode 6 Whittards Ceylon

Sri Lankian single estate black tea, with oaky notes. The tea bushes grow slowly in the cool clean air, this produces a fine-quality crop that gives the blend an intense, bright taste and rich, golden colour.

Cult verdict – Light and pleasant, good for afternoons, a fuzzy after taste. 50% liked

Episode 7 Whittards Russian Caravan

Blended black tea, with a sweet and smoky flavour.  The name comes from the 17th century when camel caravans transported China tea to Europe. During the journey, the tea took on the smoky taste of the campfires. A taste of freedom and adventure.

Cult verdict – Campfires and freedom and adventure! Well rounded strong tea, Majority liked

Episode 8/9 Whittards Lapsang Souchong

China Fujian province black tea, smooth and smoky. In the pine forests of the Fujian province resin-sweet fires were used to smoke and dry this Lapsang Souchong until it is richly fragrant.

Cult verdict – With 3 sugars it’s not that bad, better than I remember – 50% liked

Episode 10 no review – Too hot for tea

Episode 11/12 Favourite teas

Mawdrigen – Assam

Omar – Chai

Bloodied – English Breakfast

Loka – White Tea

Nyx – Earl Grey

Episode Special Professor Elemental Blend

A blended black tea, Earl Grey and Russian Caravan.  After several years of adventures across the world the Professor has tracked down the perfect blend of tea for the finest cuppa ever tasted!

Cult verdict – The Cup of brown Joy, quite strong, not very earl grey-ish, nice! If you don’t like earl grey this is not the tea for you. Majority liked

Episode Special Twinnings Chai

A blended black tea, with spicy soothing flavour. Once upon a time, Chai was drunk only by the royalty in India but word got out about its flavour and soon the streets were filled with the distinctive scent of cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

Cult verdict – Everything stops for tea!  Nyx – tastes of weeds/aromatic, a different experience in tea. Majority liked

Episode 13 no review

Episode 14 Whittards Jasmine

Japanese Green tea infused with Jasmine, light and flora. A tea of beauty and elegance that will captivate your senses.

Cult verdict – delicious and flowery green tea. 50% liked

Episode 15 no review

Episode 16 Whittards Earl Grey

A blended scented black tea, lightly perfumed with Bergamot, elegantly light Earl Grey tea was created for a more leisurely era. it takes its name from the 19th century British Prime Minister.

Cult Verdict – An acceptable tea, very nice. 50% liked

Episode 17 Twinnings Darjeeling

An Indian single estate black tea, a light and delicately refreshing taste with shimmering gold colour.  Take a sip and escape the world on a journey of your own.

Cult verdict – A light touch, easy to drink on a warm afternoon, majority liked

Episode 18 no review

Episode 19 no review

Episode 20 PG tips the Strong one

A blended black tea combining Kenyan and other African teas. with a strong, bright red colouring, malty aroma, and thick tea character.

Cult verdict – a day to day tea, strong.  Unanimously liked

Please let the Cult know, in the usual ways, what you think of any of the tea’s we have reviewed so far or if you have any suggestions of blends you would like us to review.

Please note the review scores have been added after the review.

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