Special Episode – Planet Mercenary

In this special Episode we are playing the Beta Rules of Planet Mercenary, the new RPG based on the Schlock Mercenary Universe by Howard Tayler. This game is being Kickstarted Right now and can be found HERE!

I’ve been reading Schlock for a very long time and the chance to play in the universe was too good to pass up!

So follow the adventures of the Soulianis mercenary company, on their ship Rahm, with their AI… Derek, as they are hired by a xenphobic and possibly psychotic koala bear to save skunk people from government mind control.

Yes you did read that right!
Download the File

Ps go check out the fandible.com play throughs for more schlocky goodness!

This Podcast is mostly clean, but does include moderate cursing. It also contains many Mighty Boosh quotes (it is an outrage), tea, and for some reason a race of Pepe le Peu style sentient skunks.

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