CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – Bread Or Stone – Session 4

Episode 166

After a brief unpaid advert for Sushi Mania (Here) and discussing Wet Koala’s (go google it it’s terrifying) we launch back into the anarchic investigations in Vinkovici.

Having gotten their fill of Billiards, last session they got started on every single clue in the town. Now however their initial burst of threads has turned into several places they need to check.

The first is the Journalists house, Fennic hasn’t been seen for a few days and the Investigators fear for her safety.

Will their fears be justified? Will they find Jazmina’s father? Will Chester finally bag a Mouflon? What about the rising tensions with the Army in the city?

Find out now!

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The Music is Oppressive Gloom by by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Ploughing Deeply, Monsters under the bed, Tiny Tim Action Man, Scary Bathroom, Lets not go to the Station, Party Luck Rolls are now Fear, Moustache like a “wide-Hitler”, Shopping for books, “Casually fondling a £500 book”, “short stay hotels”, Apply the Scary Old Lady!, and Tiny Tim Boxleys hopeful alleyway encounter.

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