Dungeons and Badgers – Demolition Stoat – Session 1

Episode 267

So on Twitter someone made a joke. Them Mawdrigen’s brain did a thing. Then we played the thing that Mawdrigens Brain Did.

Join us now as we head to the River Bank and the Wild Wood, where heroic animals are standing up to the Ferret, Stoat, and Weasel crime families, in Dungeons and Badgers, Demolition Stoat.

Please note that Cult Central Moved Directly after this so there will be a bit of a gap before we get back to this.

Dungeons and Badgers is Copyright Mawdrigen 2019.

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Fluffy the Rabbit, violence, criminals, intimidation, choking a rat with the bulk of another rat, Old Todger, and drugged worms.

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