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Pod Cast Episode 1 NB: This Pod cast includes Swearing and also themes of an adult nature, like gaming and roleplaying, as Such it is “Explicit”

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Here we are finally! The initial pod cast wherein I and Bloodied review some very nice tea from Whittards, and also a very fine game with very fiddly to put together miniatures from McVey studios in the form of Battle for Alabaster. I might also let slip that I experienced Homicidal tendencies while trying to glue the miniatures together, but fear not I got over it!

You will note that I haven’t put any music in… You will also note the creaky chairs of doom! This was the first recording we did so please excuse us if we sound a little shaky!

Also in this Episode we discuss why we decided to start a blog/pod cast and list some of our Favourites including (in no particular order): The Minions of the Monster Master: Actual plays of many, many, many different games. Presented in an irreverent style that occasionally shades to the anarchic. The Aethervox: An Excellent if occasional Malifaux Podcast The Fandible: Purveyors of frankly excellent Actual play pod casts on a vast number of different systems and settings. Their Rogue Trader and Unhallowed Metropolis campaigns in particular are brilliant! NerdPoker Dungeons and Dragons with Brian Posehn and Friends (and possibly if they pull it off Vin Deisel???) a very old school D&D campaign that has just hit it’s quarter century. Well worth a listen. The Gamers Lounge, now sadly on Hiatus but an excellent Malifaux podcast.

Please feel free to leave comments of other Pod Casts you think that I might enjoy! I’m willing to give most a go!

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  1. bloodied Says:

    If any listeners are curious about the Counter Monkey videos I mentioned, you can find them on youtube here: or on Spoony’s main site

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