Episode 8 – The Cult talk New Players

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In this episode we talk about getting new players into the role playing hobby and we review tea, Whittards lapsang souchon in this case, a tea which last time I drank it made me want to die (this time it didn’t). We were all surprised, but having had Russian Caravan before (freedom and adventure) we were a bit more ready for it. We also introduce Archive the newest member of the Cult (who you have already heard on the Pacific Rim Special Episode). Finally we discuss Kickstarter and how it is making us all poor.

The main subject of getting new players into RPG’s the methods we have used before and how it went from the other side of the table. We discuss my recent Spirit of the Century campaign for non-Gamers.

NB: this podcast includes swearing, adult themes and intense Britishness. Occasionally Archive even remembers that when on a podcast you should occasionally talk!

2 Responses to “Episode 8 – The Cult talk New Players”

  1. willpedaller Says:

    Yes you have listeners! And we think your amazing! Record more Unhallowed Metropolis!!!

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