Peril in Kings Landing Session 6

Episode 25

The sixth session of the Game of Thrones campaign, in this session we look into who has been trying to persuade Garrick that he is someones father, much to his annoyance. We also receive a present (which we didn’t want) and an invitation to a Fox Hunt (which we very much did!)

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NB: this podcast includes swearing, themes of an adult nature, diplomacy, and gratuitous use of “I give them a wink”

The music is White Noise Labs Metal version of the Theme (here )

2 Responses to “Peril in Kings Landing Session 6”

  1. just want to say great podcast, cant wait till the fox hunt 🙂 btw, in the books the Mountain is even bigger than your description being close to eight feet tall and weighting over 30 stone ( 420 lbs)(190.5 kg) 😛

  2. Um eeep!

    All Garrick has to do is outlast him, and I am tougher than a mammoth!

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