Episode 29 – Numenera – The Legacy of Peyot Prangh

The Valley was peaceful until the coming of the Tyrant, but surely the great warriors entombed within will come forth and save the valley? Surely the monks will not be left to die?

What do you do when not all of the Unhallowed Metropolis crew can make it. Randomly decide to run a game with no prep and no characters generated. We cut the chargen out becasue, well in our experience chargen is very dull to listen to, so we jumped straight in to the action. Will the various left overs of a foregone age be able to do anything? Will they flop out of their tubes and wonder what has happened? Why do they all have such awful names?

download the file

Please let us know what you think either here, at thecultofteaanddice@gmail.com, or @Cultteaanddice if you want to give us any feedback, please also leave us feed back on Itunes if you want to!

NB: this podcast includes swearing, weird future-past artefacts, the best-worst names you have ever heard, and an evil tyrant.

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